gearsMike Mineo at Cloud Tweaks recently published an article explaining how content management systems (CMS) support collaboration. He made some great points, including a few that we identified as best practices when sharing via social media.

For example, Mieno notes that the near-ubiquitous access to documents and information that a cloud-based CMS affords accommodates the contemporary worker’s busy schedule. “…talented team members with hectic schedules will be vastly more accommodated, increasing a business’ likelihood of attracting desirable employees, and also making it easier for these employees to complete work on time.” He goes on to say that those same workers are free to make progress on a document or project from any supported, connected device, be it in the office, on a plane or at home.

Of course, collaborating on sensitive documents stored in the cloud raises security concerns. As Mineo says, the encryption offered by a proper CMS is superior to that of many email clients. Also, your CMS administrator can restrict access to certain documents and related files on a per-user basis, via permissions settings.

Our dpsiDOX CMS offers these collaborative benefits and more. Now, instead of editing a report in four different places (your email software, desktop applications and so on), you can edit in one central location – when the collaborators are ready – and have that change populate through all reports.

Mineo concludes his article by saying, “…cloud-based content management vastly improves collaboration methods, primarily due to increased security, flexibility, and accessibility. Businesses adept at collaboration should fully consider the advantages of content management software.” We agree.

Photo Credit: ralphbijker via Compfight cc